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Abdominal massage techniques

Massage is a treatment well known to be very relaxing and enjoyable. Also carry some health benefits. A massage can help the digestive system stimulating digestion relaxing the digestive organs and increasing blood flow throughout the system. Abdominal massage techniques…
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Ayurvedic massage benefits

The fact that Ayurveda considers the words of the therapist, that “human beings are also composed of energy” makes this type of massage promise a whole person healing when dysfunctions that energy, of these doshas , are arranged. And, according to this expert, “many customer…
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Correcting the imbalance of our energies through massages, is what Ayurveda proposes to feel good and to end what ails us. Do you dare to try this ancient Indian art? Variety of ancient alternative medicine promote comprehensive care of the person, both body…
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Benefits of lymphatic drainage

The benefits of lymphatic drainage are numerous and, as we have detailed in previous sections, this treatment promotes both health and beauty. Lymphatic drainage main objective is to help the body to better protect themselves and to lift more effectively wastes…
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Ayurveda massage oils

In India, the birthplace of Ayurveda, you can find hundreds of different oils that are perfectly suited to the problems and characteristics of each person, and thus to each existing type of Ayurveda massage. Moreover, in this country, therapeutic massages are…
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