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Ayurveda massage oils

In India, the birthplace of Ayurveda, you can find hundreds of different oils that are perfectly suited to the problems and characteristics of each person, and thus to each existing type of Ayurveda massage. Moreover, in this country, therapeutic massages are not only a treatment for various diseases, but are presented as a preventive therapy, and it is very normal receive one every week to correct optimum energy levels.

A good choice of oil to be used is essential for the Ayurveda massage is the desired success, as are the substances indicated to treat from the inside diseases. “The pure or medicated herbal oils penetrate the skin and giving the massage, are coming into the deeper layers, tissues “.

It is essential, also to distinguish between the base oil and the other oils. The first are those carrying the weight of the treatment and will be completed, if necessary, with other substances, usually with herbs, plants, seeds, or even milk goat.

Because alterations in the vata dosha are the most common, the sesame oil, the most appropriate in this case, is the most widely used, although it is also common to find coconut based oils or mustard, as well as olive , almond, castor, sunflower or also guee (also known asgui or gree), which is made ​​from butter.

Whatever the type of oil that is to be applied, it is important that it is a biological product that contains no chemicals or products GM, and that is first cold pressed and, in the case of choosing the guee , which is equally ecological and unsalted.