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Benefits of Massage Chi Nei Tsang

Because the idea that the abdomen is the center of the human body on a physical and spiritual level, the benefits of massage Chi Nei Tsang should, according to its supporters, cover both areas.

As for the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang on the physical plane, one of the main is that it is a great help to reduce digestive disorders. In this sense, people who suffer from constipation, bloating, slow digestion or aerophobia, find relief after a session of this massage, because the therapist will work throughout the area helping in this way, the intestinal transit.

Also, Chi Nei Tsang massage stimulates the circulatory system and lymph, thereby detoxifying the body is improved, as well as important to meet to resolve aesthetic conditions such as cellulite and fluid retention. Furthermore, it can help strengthen the immune system and, therefore, our resilience to certain diseases.

In addition, this massage can be a great support therapy postural correction, since the internal organs to work also helps to be better positioned in the body and, therefore, get a better postural balance. In this regard, Chi therapists Nei Tsang also work the muscles in the abdominal cavity, so these massages are beneficial to strengthen the whole area of the lower spine and thereby prevent sore back.

A mental or emotional level, the Chi Nei Tsang helps unblock tensions that build up in the organs located in the abdominal area. Thus, contribute to release negative energy and release those physical or mental stress that may be causing a number of disorders.