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How Shiatsu massages function

Basic Shiatsu massage is a Japanese form of massage that incorporates the Chinese meridian system of healing. The technique involves using the fingertips, thumbs and palms to apply pressure to various points on the body. The Shiatsu massage, also called…
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Giving a hot massage

Whether it is a hot oil massage or a hot stone therapy, heat is the essential ingredient in these massages techniques. The complete massage experience can be wrapped in the sensual and soothing warmth from the moment it starts to…
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Gifts massage for men

Now more than ever people understand the therapeutic benefits of massage. A massage can reduce tension and stress; relieves muscle pain and pain in organs such as the stomach. A massage gift will be welcomed by almost any man. Spa…
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Creating a massage room

During the last two decades the therapeutic benefits of massage have been demonstrated. As a result, massage therapy has a high demand. It’s easy to create a space for massages that suits your needs and offer a pleasant atmosphere. Follow…
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Chair massage technique

Many types of massage are available, but one of the massages most popular and shorter is the massage granted. This form of massage does not require stripping or usual time it takes for massages more traditional lasting from 30-60 minutes….
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