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Business plan for massage therapy

Although you can start a massage business writing a business plan, take time to plan your new venture can do more likely to succeed. No need to create a formal business plan just put some basic things on paper.


Unless you’re starting your massage business in a rented space, it should be fairly easy to plan your budget for the first year. You must calculate how much money you will need not only for starters, but also to operate your business for the next three years. While the massage business is different, there are some expenses that they all share in common: license fees, equipment, advertising and training expenses and continuing education. In the section of the budget of your business plan, you need to point how much must pay for all this, including whether you will ask for a loan.

Business structure

The structure of business widely used in the business of massage is the single owner. This structure is the easiest and least expensive. Unless you have partners or a team of more than three people, consider starting your business as a sole proprietor. If you have a partner, establishes a limited liability company or LLP. If you have a franchise, you plan to establish a business or have a big team; you must establish your business as a limited liability company.


The business of massage should be mobile or set to a specific location. In this section of your business plan, you must point where your business and if you plan to have more facilities over the next three years. If you are planning to start a mobile business, you should plan how your team will move to where the customer is, and working hours, those who start a massage business in a specific location need to purchase insurance and pay, in addition to knowing the cost of utilities, furniture and working hours.


Whether cities or small towns, all localities have a massage, so you need to consider who will be your competitors. This section of the plan will also seek to have a niche, such as sports massage, massage or tissue massages for pregnant women and new mothers. To analyze the competition, see what they are doing well and what areas need improvement. For example, you can find best lotions and oils than your competitor, more comfortable and provide better service team.


After starting your business, you need to promote it to win customers. The marketing section of your business plan will point to the media you need to publicize your business, whether you offer occasional discounts and specials, having a website, if you serve other businesses to win customers or what strategies PR will use to win customers. If you have no experience or knowledge in marketing or public relations, consider hiring a publicist or marketing expert. Although this cost, it pays to have a solid advertising to establish your business.