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Choosing a professional Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese technique that can prevent disease by releasing energy from blockages. This massage corrects imbalances of energy and promotes healing. A good professional can guide you through your experience of shiatsu.


  1. Decide what you want to get from shiatsu massage therapy. If you’re looking to cure a particular ailment, such as migraines, find a doctor who specializes in that.
  2. Calls recommendation from a trusted friend or family member that has been treated with Shiatsu massage. The opinion of others is a good way to find a professional.
  3. Search for Shiatsu therapist with whom you feel comfortable. Look for one in a phone book, call him and talk to him before arrange a face to face meeting. If you do not feel comfortable with the doctor on the phone, then probably not the right professional for you.
  4. Ask each potential medical qualification. Should have obtained their training in a school of massage therapy, and some may be licensed professionals. It is best to find a shiatsu practitioner who is certified by the American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association.
  5. Talk to each potential doctor about what you’d get with Shiatsu massage. Ask how you can help with your problems. This will help reduce the number of professionals among those who have to choose.
  6. Choose the professional that best suits your needs. You can save the phone numbers of other professionals only if the doctor you choose is not available one day you need massage.
  7. Make sure you feel comfortable with Shiatsu massage therapist you choose. Shiatsu requires tact and if you do not feel comfortable with the doctor, you cannot enjoy the rewarding experience of Shiatsu.