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Construction drawings massage table

Build a massage table can save a lot of money. It offers the advantages that are made ​​to measure, with the same portability and durability. There are several designs and plans of manufacturers massage tables. Following these plans, you can easily build one if you have little experience in the area. The best shots of these tables are not using lots of wood and other materials that make unnecessary the table is too heavy to be portable. Each massage table requires products to rounding, sanding and finishing protecting the surface from wear.


There are several types of massage tables. Fixed tables are most appropriate for them in rooms when not want to take them elsewhere frequently. For fixed tables, it’s fine to choose building plans that include wood and wood support. On the other hand, there is a growing tendency to choose building plans portable massage tables. The light tables can be aluminum, graphite fiber and plywood. these materials are easily available in hardware stores and are profitable. The plans for these tables are readily available on the Internet and in books on furniture design.


Most plans for massage tables involve using standard sized materials available in stores. Any plane that requires parts of different sizes will cost much more than the standard material. standard plywood Baltic birch is the strongest and lightest inexpensive wood that is used for the tables. The standard size is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. Some plans may include tables rounded corners; it might be a little harder about what that has to do with wooden crafts. In most designs, you can omit some of the features that have no functional purpose. At the same time, you can always add features that can enhance the comfort and functionality of the table. For example, if a plane requires complementary woodworking for beautification purposes, you can skip this to save time and energy. If you create a simple table with basic functions, you can omit the tilt feature, which tilts the table to various positions for pregnancy and for cases of back pain.

And material costs

Build a typical massage table will cost approximately US $ 235. This is only a rough estimate and may vary depending on the number of materials and equipment used. The basic materials needed to construct these tables are upholstery foam, a stretchable fitted sheet and strips of felt. Along with the top of plywood, finished also need four legs. Supplies include wood glue, screws, nuts and washers’ aluminum rods.