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Different types of massages

Massage is a very ancient therapeutic tool which was used by man in order to neutralize any possible ailment and its evolution has paralleled that of society, regarded today as the therapy most used by all companies world, thanks to its effectiveness.

The main purpose of massage therapy is to provide the general welfare to the patient, and for this there are many types of massage that can be applied in each case. The technique used in most types of massage is by stimulating manual soft tissue of the skin, i.e., connective tissue and muscle, in order to expand the role of these and achieve the correct movement, wellbeing and relaxation.

Massages are also very useful for dissolution of contractures and muscle tension disappears allowing proper sliding of tissues. Some types of massage are very useful for the recovery and physical rehabilitation receiving the denomination of therapeutic massage. Here we must emphasize the fact that the use of the types of massage in a health field requires a broad understanding of human anatomy and physiology especially also is important that the professional is knowledgeable about the indications and contraindications of each of the types of massage.

One of the most important factors to be considered when applying any type of massage is that it should not cause any pain, but considering that the body areas where you work are often sensitive to stimulation, most likely will cause some discomfort to the patient, therefore it is necessary that the masseur heed reflex reactions of the patient, applying a progressive and comprehensive manner so as to start gradually go concentrating on those more limited areas and strained. Furthermore, most types of massage increase circulation enhancing venous return and in turn is very helpful when it is produced by draining excess lymph usually formed in edematous areas. Another type of massage that are used with great presence are the massages, which they focus on the discharge of accumulated tension; application technique is quite slow but has a firm enough pressure to achieve relaxation of the muscles being massaged.

Benefits of various types of massages

Each and every one of the types of massage, despite using different techniques and have different objectives, they share a number of benefits that will be reflected in the person adopting this alternative treatment, especially Condo it comes to relaxing massages. For example, improved color and skin tone because it will be noted during massage practice several dead cells are removed, oxygenating the blood circulation, also produces a marked improvement in breathing, which becomes much more prefunded and logically more relaxed.

All types of existing massage helps to improve blood circulation and because this causes the transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells is much more efficient, and result in more efficient elimination of cellular debris is accomplished.

Another notable benefit is that usually when we receive the attention of any of the types of massage people’s sleep is much deeper, in addition to the elimination of toxins with digestion and helps to achieve a general relaxation is accelerated.

These benefits are primarily applied to the operation and physical performance, but mostly the types of massages are also often provide benefits to psychological level, stress reduction, relaxation of mind, anxiety and its effects, Important to improve patient positive thoughts and essential to increase energy, invigorating every of the corresponding systems of the body, by reducing fatigue. A regular treatment with any of the types of massage will help us to maintain a certain level of relaxation in terms of mind and body, in addition to considerably improve the appearance and energy levels as it’s not used unconsciously to keep the stressed and tense body.