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Giving a hot massage

Whether it is a hot oil massage or a hot stone therapy, heat is the essential ingredient in these massages techniques. The complete massage experience can be wrapped in the sensual and soothing warmth from the moment it starts to the minute it ends. From the hot room for hot oils and hot rocks, giving a hot massage should be a holistic experience.


  1. Infused hot before you start the massage experience, Warms the atmosphere at body temperature to prevent coldness. Thermal heating elements placed under the body, such as an indoor thermal hot table or economic pads. Need a person is relaxed and not tense.
  2. Put warm, moist towels throughout the area to be massaged. Hot compresses work well. This will open the pores and prepare the body to receive the healing properties of hot, such as sesame oil, accompanied by aromatic essential oils and healing. Choosing the most appropriate blend of essential oils depends on which part of the body being treated. For example, if the sinuses and head are a problem, oils such as peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus would be appropriate.
  3. Apply a soft deep pressure, first with the heels of your hands, and then with the whole hand in helping skin absorption hot oils. This kneading the skin and helps heat the oils penetrate deep into the muscles, where it is most needed. The pressure used depends on the type of massage you’re giving. An Indonesian massage is considered a deep tissue massage, while aromatherapy massages tend to be relaxing and soothing.
  4. Place a plate on the back of the person and applied hot stones. This method of dual massage combines massage with hot oil and hot stone therapy in a deep penetration muscle relaxant. The stones act as reliever’s pressure point and sent an extra dose of heat to the conflict zones. You can also use the stones to apply pressure to areas that require further attention. After the stones have cooled, remove the foil and used the stones to apply the techniques of Swedish massage.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is important to place a blanket over the skin when hot stones are applied first to avoid burns.