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Giving back massage

When you think of a massage, you probably think one back. The back is usually a common epicenter of stress and there are several massage may improve pain.


  1. Start with the shoulders. Put each of your hands and press them on each shoulder with them. Then, use your thumbs to gently find knots and crevices. Finally, use the sides of your hands to pat the skin. Your hands should be seen as skewers for meat while you give taps. This patter increases the circulation of blood in the back.
  2. Then follows the area around the shoulder blades. Use the same techniques you used in the shoulders, paying special attention to the area around the spine.
  3. Finally, moving towards the low back and repeat the techniques. Low back pain can often be the most painful, so be extra careful to find knots.
  4. Ends the running her fingertips from the shoulders down until you reach the tailbone repeatedly massage.

Tips and Warnings

  • You can use oil or lotion to make the most enjoyable massage.
  • Use only soft and slow movements to avoid hurting the person you’re massaging.