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Guest relaxing massage

For most people the stiffness and pain from contractions are basically a way of life to which we’re accustomed slowly and often ignore the fact that our muscles are tense so far in which we perform a massage to relax. But besides giving relief to the physical pain, relaxing massages soothe usually much mental state of a person due to the pleasant feeling of well-being and especially relaxation, providing relaxing massages.

Technically, the massages are an operation that involves rubbing, pressing or hitting very softly, but with proper intensity, certain areas of the body, especially those where there is a greater concentration of muscle mass. The massages are divided into two main groups: the sensory massage, which aims to provide welfare addition, a feeling of relaxation, yet becomes a fundamental means of relaxation. On the other side are the therapeutic massages, offering physiotherapy results or medical influencing essentially injuries muscle groups, joints or the circulatory system.

One of the biggest differences between the two types of massage to relax is that massages therapy should be performed by qualified professionals as the same must have a sufficiently broad knowledge about human anatomy, as well as techniques for the massage. Another factor to consider before having a massage to relax is not always a massage is the most appropriate since in many cases it should not be carried out, for example, some situations are: if fever or illness; rash or bruises; swollen joints; tumors; thrombosis; varies.

Basic techniques for massages

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are many ways that exist to perform a massage relaxing and each fits much better to each situation. First mention relaxing massage technique friction, which is making superficial, broad strokes, but inconsistent which should cover larger areas of the body. They are made ​​with whole palm and fingers together keeping a steady pace without abrupt stops and even pressure.

It is important that the masseur never lose contact with the patient. Moreover we also find the relaxing massage technique with sliding pressure, which is very similar to friction movement, but in this case the pressure is much more uniform and strong, almost pushing the skin. The important thing about art is that the masseuse will “carry forward” the patient’s skin.

Massage-relax-photos this represents a basic movement for muscle relaxation, where the rate at which it is performed is truly slow. It is important during the relaxing massage, a forward movement takes place always going to mean circulation of return, i.e., toward the heart, whereas the return movement should be performed with friction, without losing touch with the patient, and with a slight stretch, so then you can start over.

Kneading is another technique for relaxing massage. This represents one of the more specific manipulations within the application and relaxing massage that involves taking a muscle with all the command and kneads with alternating movements of both hands.

It is important that all of the hands must be used as sizing and tightens said releasing a small area with a hand muscle. It is important that the masseuse’s hands are not too far apart the body and should gradually move from one hand to the other in the same way that pasta kneaded. Usually treated muscles are the largest: quadriceps, trapezius, twins, etc. A branch of this technique is the kneading fingers, which is a similar movement but is used in much smaller muscles.

The last of the techniques that mention is the percussion, which is based on something more stimulating than relaxing movements consist of different kinds of rhythmic and energetic repeatedly pressures. The blows should be smooth and shall be conducted with the heel of his hand with his fist and with a cupped hand. The objective of this relaxing massage technique is to stimulate those areas that are in soft tissue such as the thigh muscles, toning the skin and helping blood circulation to properly pass.