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History massage chair

The seated massage has been used for centuries. In this way, the client remains fully clothed and placed in a massage chair in a tilted forward position. The therapist can perform massage techniques over clothing. The massage chair allows many massage techniques back, neck and arms that are helpful for clients suffering from pain and stiffness. It is also an excellent promotional tool for a massage therapist.


Massaging someone while sitting is something that has happened since humans began to massage each other. Ancient Japanese paintings show healers massaging elderly patients, seated on stools. Many ancient massage modalities include at least one technique in which the client was granted.


In 1895, JH Kellogg wrote the handbook “The Art of Massage” which is still used in massage schools today. Due to its Manual scientific and comprehensive, Kellogg was called the father of massage therapy. In his handbook covers many techniques, including some that are used while the client is granted.


Modern chair massage roots begin in the eighties. First with Kathryn Hansom-Spice in Washington DC, in 1981, he began teaching seated massage techniques for special populations in the Potomac Massage Training Institute (Potomac Massage Training). This program became the model for other massage schools around the country. Meanwhile, Jeanna St. John in Santa Cruz, California began teaching seated acupressure as treatment for disabled children.


In 1986, David Oalmer, a massage therapist in California, created the first chair specifically designed for chair massages. David Palmer popularized the concept of massage chair with his article “A Brief History of Massage Chair” in the magazine Positive Healt in 1998. As a massage therapist, he began to use massage chair to educate the public about the benefits of massage. Using massage chair got up a client base for practice.


Corporations like Apple Computer began to offer employees chair massages. In 1993 the Massage Bar in Seattle, Washington developed a special holder for chest and head that could be placed on a table. This allows the client to sit in a regular chair and lean against the front support device for treatment. It is very light and portable. Some therapists now base their practice completely in the massage chair and not just using it as a tool to attract customers.


The chair massage continues to grow in popularity. Kiosks where you can practice massage chair in public are being installed in shopping centers and airports. Many massage therapists take their chairs with them to conventions and health fairs to present massage therapy new customers. Since last less, cost less and can be carried anywhere, massage chair are the most accessible form of massage therapy.