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Hot stone massage techniques

The hot stone massage is a special form of therapy for the body that increases the benefits of massage for health. Clients experience a deeper relaxation and enhanced rehabilitation of body tissues by the heat from the stones penetrates deep. Use only particular types of stones and note that certain conditions may be prohibitive.

Sources and methods of massage with hot stones

The hot stone massage is not a new technique, its origins are rooted in the east, but some records show its use in the public baths of ancient Rome. This massage uses special hot stones in combination with standard massage techniques to enhance the medicinal qualities of massage. The penetrating heat from the stones helps relaxation, promotes healing in deep tissue, and helps decrease the stiffness of the muscles, increases circulation of blood and fluids and helps in removing toxins.

Stones for massage and techniques

The stones used for the massage must be hard, smooth and non-porous. Resist the temptation to use any stones are, no matter how smooth the surface. The stones can scratch a client and absorb oils, makes it difficult to adequately clean. The basalt stones are ideal for massage; their surfaces are unsurpassed softness and retain heat very well due to its formation from flows cooled lava. Stones are heated for massage in water using various methods such as a machine with temperature control which keeps the stones at an exact temperature all day or in a container in which the therapist pours water to the correct temperature for heating stones.

Technical and application of hot stones

A good set of massage stones requires a variety of sizes and shapes. The therapist will use large stones and wide as a tool of his hand to stroke the client’s body in the same way that regular massage, medium sized stones are for certain points of the body and also put directly on the table for the heated. The smallest will have a role in applications such as the placement between fingers and toes client then wrap a towel and keep them in place. In all cases, the therapist allows heat of the stones into the body of the patient slowly and deeply to improve the benefits of massage.

Benefits and contraindications

Adding hot stone massage depth and improves treatment efficiency. The heat of the stones allows massage techniques penetrate deeper into body tissues, allowing better relaxation, flexibility and waste disposal. Customers can sleep or sink into a state of deep meditation, because the heat from the stones helps them release tension and negative conditions absorbed by the body, a series of physical treatments suitable for certain clients’ stones. In general, any condition that is potentially aggravated by heat is a contraindication for massage with hot stones. Consult a doctor if you have any questions about whether the hot stone massage is right for a customer.