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Correcting the imbalance of our energies through massages, is what Ayurveda proposes to feel good and to end what ails us. Do you dare to try this ancient Indian art?

Variety of ancient alternative medicine promote comprehensive care of the person, both body and mind, and always with natural techniques. This is a top of Ayurveda, an Indian word that comes from the union of ‘life’ and ‘science or knowledge’; a declaration of intent.

Meditation, nutrition, exercise, schedules, lifestyles … Ayurveda encompasses all facets of life, since it is a global conception of it. Of course, it also includes ways to heal, and one of the most widespread are the Ayurveda massages, closely linked to the general principles governing the Ayurveda.

This philosophy, which is over 5,000 years old, says that there are three elements that are being combined and, in turn, in each person, what makes each of us unique and special being that for Therefore, accurate individualized curative therapies.

These three elements, which are known in the jargon as’ dosha ‘ , are explains ‘vata’ (air), which represents the energy in movement- ‘ pitta ‘(fire) , which is related to the transformation and changes-and, finally, ‘kapha’ (earth) , which is considered as a cohesive element. Normally, all people can be framed in a combination of these three doshas in six different categories.

Types of Ayurveda Massage

Talk with the patient individually assess your problem, and establish the elements that have altered and which cause the disease are key factors for the Ayurveda massage can be applied successfully. The same view specializing in Ayurveda therapist working in various centers: “Ayurveda massage is a therapy working individually each person” .

Once it is clear which category is framed each patient, it is time to choose the most appropriate type of Ayurveda massage for him and oils to be applied. As noted Ayurveda specialist, “there are different types of massage, the most common made ​​with oils, harmonic movements and intense time.” This is the so-called massage abyanga, which is usually done through the body, so it is appropriate that the patient is naked to apply oils smooth hands.

Along with massage abyanga, also known as stand Syro dara , wherein oil on the patient’s forehead is poured, and called kansu, wherein the plant is working feet .