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Chair massage technique

Many types of massage are available, but one of the massages most popular and shorter is the massage granted. This form of massage does not require stripping or usual time it takes for massages more traditional lasting from 30-60 minutes. Anyway, the massage chair can be just enough to revitalize a tired body or the psyche.


When visiting a place where you provide massage chairs, the massage will be provided by therapists massage, you’ll be sitting in a chair specially designed for that. You must sit in the seat of the chair in front of a headrest with slanting direction, one leg on each side of the junction of the seat in the chair to rest your head post. The chair massage is specifically generated to allow for comfort during the massage and place the body in an optimal position to receive the massage while sitting. Very often, the massage chairs are given to provide relaxation and relieve stress, but can provide more techniques massage invigorating type of customer’s choice.


Any five techniques massage or a combination thereof can be used by the therapist massage: compression technique which is very similar to acupressure areas of muscle. Kneading technique, performed with circular movements. Technique squeezed major muscles between your fingers tightened where an optimal point of contact is in. Friction technique, a technique of massage Swedish adapted to use massage chair or massage sitting. Glide technique, another technique massage Swedish adapted for use in chair or massage sitting. Percussion technique, successive, fast strokes are given drawing a Z on the back and shoulders.


Find seated massage chair has become much easier in recent times. This type of massage is offered not only in many offices of massage, but also in malls, airports, in spas and salons. Some companies invite therapists massage to visit the workplace and provide massage chair to interested employees. Since the chair massage is portable, the therapist massage can go to your house to give you a massage.


For those interested in learning the techniques of massage chair for use at home, there is a variety of DVD instructive to choose.