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How do massage on an outpatient

A massage on an outpatient basis is when the masseuse comes to the home, office, hotel room or even the patient. The ambulance stretcher can include massage and chair massage, but cannot perform many other services. (Items that are heavy or who cannot move are required). This article is about the professional massage service delivery, not the sensual massage.


  1. Decide what type of outpatient want to perform and set your prices. The fees for outpatient services are generally higher, considering gasoline, travel time and preparation. Instructs business cards and flyers and give them to anyone with whom you have contact. Decide what kind of payment you accept.
  2. You should know how much space you need to have to work comfortably. When customers call you, ask what have space for you to work. Program appointment and ask if they want to pay by phone with your credit card, if you offer that service. This is the safest method of payment, although it is more costly to accept a credit card.
  3. Ask directions to the customer’s address, and write instructions. Advisable someone where you are going, with the name and address of the customer, always keep your guard up, and talk to your friends so they know they’re safe. If you do not call at a certain time, will know to call the police and tell them where you are.
  4. Pack everything you need and place it in your vehicle. Leads to where is your client and prepare your things. If you choose not to accept credit cards by phone, decide whether you prefer to take payment before the massage. Most customers give a tip according to the performance of the therapist, but maybe not worth risking not getting paid to wait to finish the session.
  5. Disinfects and place the sheet on the table in front of the customer to see you take health precautions. Ask customers to turn off your mobile phone and your TV, take out the dog or do whatever they have to do to ensure an environment of relaxation. Wash your hands before starting.
  6. Prepare a sheet to be signed if you’re doing a massage in a chair in a public place and you’re too busy. It’s a good idea to have a jar available for tips, as well as business cards to withdraw those customers. Disinfect your chair after each client.
  7. Clean your belongings and thank your client when you’re done. Try to schedule the next appointment before you leave. When you enter your vehicle, look at your odometer and record your mileage in a logbook so you can deduct the cost of travel from your taxes.

Tips and Warnings

  • The most important thing is your safety. You should always tell someone where you are and what time will end. Try to grope customers by phone before scheduling an appointment.
  • Do not go to anybody’s house. If a person makes you feel uncomfortable by phone or if you are asked to go to an unsafe area, gently tell him not to go. Make it clear that this is not a sexy message, but one given by a licensed occupational therapist (if your state requires licensing).