East Side Massage and Spa

Gifts massage for men

Now more than ever people understand the therapeutic benefits of massage. A massage can reduce tension and stress; relieves muscle pain and pain in organs such as the stomach. A massage gift will be welcomed by almost any man.

Spa gift card

Almost all spas offer a gift card and many have massage packages specifically tailored for men. Think include facial and pedicure massage package.

Massage oils

Massage oils do not always smell of lavender and flowers. There are many massage oils that men can enjoy without feeling they are very feminine. It is popular sandalwood essential oils commonly included in massage. Has a clean wood essence is sedative, stimulant memory and an astringent. Mint is one of the most popular scents and also has many benefits for health. Peppermint relieves nausea, headaches and stress. Both can visit a massage shop or health and smelling different scents of oils. Let pick the one you like and adds a unscented massage oil. Heat the oil before using it to better release its aroma.

Massage electric/massaging chair

An electric massager is usually small handheld devices that can be connected to recharge the battery. Two or more points may remove the knots back. Some have heaters in the extreme; some have different controls and frames. If you have a little extra money, consider investing in a massage chair. They vary in price and most luxurious can be costly. These chairs are usually leather or suede.