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Ayurvedic massage benefits

The fact that Ayurveda considers the words of the therapist, that “human beings are also composed of energy” makes this type of massage promise a whole person healing when dysfunctions that energy, of these doshas , are arranged. And, according to this expert, “many customer complaints reflect problems in these energies, affecting the physical body.”

In this sense we reminded that the use of oils specialized “corrects and prevents imbalances of doshas, especially Vata which, being related to the nervous system and functions including movement, bioenergy moves the other two: pitta and kapha.” And is that scholars of Ayurveda say that 70% of diseases are related to the vata dosha, for which massage is an excellent remedy.

Specifically, the main benefits of Ayurveda massage include:

  • Strengthening the spiritual development and greater harmonization whole patient.
  • Improved immune system, body posture and bone structure.
  • Increased flexibility of the muscles.
  • Increased ability to eliminate toxins, because the Ayurveda massage works with the lymphatic system and blood.
  • Relaxation deep nervous system, producing an overall relaxation.
  • Helps fight stress and anxiety.

Contraindications of Ayurveda massage

However, as with many other massage contraindications that may make Ayurveda massage cannot be practiced, or is to be made ​​in a less profound way. These contraindications are the fever, the infectious disease, or infectious, or having the period, and in the case of patients suffering from thrombosis, in which there must be a special care.

Also the administration of certain drugs (antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases …) can be a contraindication.

As always, it is best placed in the hands of well-trained specialists to assess this problem and find the most appropriate treatment for each of the ailments suffered.