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Benefits of lymphatic drainage

The benefits of lymphatic drainage are numerous and, as we have detailed in previous sections, this treatment promotes both health and beauty. Lymphatic drainage main objective is to help the body to better protect themselves and to lift more effectively wastes naturally originates.

However, the effect of lymphatic drainage is more complex. Besides the own drainage work, which also get a vasoconstriction of the blood capillaries, the movements that occur during treatment also have a sedative effect, so it is ideal for people who suffering stress or anxiety and even for those who traverse acute pain processes. Precisely the work done throughout the body causes muscle relaxation occurs, which gets a rebalance of all the muscle mass and increased bowel motility.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage for beauty have caused the field of aesthetics has been one that has developed this technique since their effects improve the image of patients and help increase the effects of other cosmetic treatments associated. In this sense, a liposuction will almost always associated with a lymphatic drainage treatment, which will help remove excess fat after surgery.

One of the main objectives for which lymphatic drainage is used to combat cellulite, orange peel skin and fatty deposits, but is also very interesting use for people who suffer from heavy legs , swelling in the extremities lower (in summer by rising temperatures, by pregnancy , by fluid retention associated with certain diseases, etc.).

Other aesthetic indications are attenuation of both wrinkles and bags under the eyes, as well as for cleaning of the deeper layers of the skin. As anti-stress therapy also have its adherents.